2017 Spring Princpal Ready

Supporting Math Instruction

PRESENTERS: Dr. Jennifer Curtis, Section Chief, K-12 Mathematics; NCDPI

Dr. Kimberly Hewitt, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations; UNC-Greensboro

This session will explore the NC Collaboration for Math Learning in support of the implementation of revised high school math standards, an innovative partnership between NCDPI and UNCG. During the session, principals will receive information about tools currently available for increasing support of math teaching and learning (grades 6-12).

Location: Ballroom

Click here for session materials.

Summary & Reflection


Activity - Time for Collaboration

  • How do you plan to use the information you learned today?
  • How can you share what you learned in this session with colleagues?
  • How might you use this session and resources to build capacity in your own district or charter school?