Online Professional Development Modules

North Carolina offers numerous online professional development modules free to all public school educators through the Home Base system.
Included are facilitated, self-paced, and mini-modules designed to help develop effective teachers and leaders.
Please visit http://rt3nc.org/ for the most current offerings.

February 2016

Home Base Symposium

Blended Learning for Professional Development

Participants will be able to define blended learning and explore different types of blended learning environments and will understand how the Professional Development System in TNL supports blended learning through the use of existing and locally created courses.
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Extend Teacher Learning with Free PD Modules in Home Base

Come and explore the re-designed rt3nc.org website to discover the online modules available in the Home Base professional development tool. We will analyze sample teacher rubrics and create a PD plan based on needs using the modules. Possible implementation plans will also be compared.
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