Leader READY
October 26, 2017
9:00-12:00WSFCS Education Building4801 Bethania Station Road, Winston Salem

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Welcome and Introductions
Dr. Frances Harris-Burke
Opening Slides
What do you know about the Generations
Dr. Kimberly Simmons
Understanding Generational Diversity
Leaders Support Teachers as Leaders (Keynote)
Dr. Twannah Allen, High Point University
Keynote Presentation
Breakout Sessions
Ms. DeAnna Foust-Platt

Review of NCDPI Resources
Dr. Mandy Taylor
Slides with Notes & See Below
Closure/Evaluation and Feedback
Dr. Mandy Taylor
Evaluation Link
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Dr. Frances Harris-Burke: frances.harrisburke@dpi.nc.gov
Dr. Kimberly Simmons: kimberly.simmons@dpi.nc.gov
Dr. Twannah Allen: tallen@highpoint.edu
Mrs. DeAnna Foust-Platt: deanna_foustplatt@abss.k12.nc.us
Dr. Mandy Taylor: mandy.taylor@dpi.nc.gov

Leader READY
October 25, 2016
WSFCS Education Building4801 Bethania Station Road, Winston Salem

Dr. Frances Harris-Burke
Regional Consultant/SSOS
NSEW Exercise
Dr. Kimberly Simmons
Statewide NCEES Consultant
Keynote Speaker

Transitioning into a New Position xxxx
Dr. Tawannah G. Allen,
High Point University
School of Education
Associate Professor Department of Educational Leadership
Breakout Sessions

Job Alike Groups
DeAnna Foust-Platt
Piedmont-Triad Regional Education Facilitator

Job Alike Leaders**
Review of NCDPI Resources and PDF XX
Dr. Mandy Taylor
Professional Development Coordinator, North Area
Dr. Monica Shepherd
Northwest Regional Education Facilitator

Job Alike Leaders**

Human Resource
Dr. Sylvia White, Newton Conover
Student Support Services
Dr. Cindy Corcoran, Rockingham
Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Superintendent xxx
Dr. Denise Patterson, Hickory
Director of Technology
Dr. Melanie Honeycutt, Burke
Director of Exceptional Children
Dr. Cayce McCamish, Asheboro
Director of Secondary
Dr. Donna Cotton, Wilkes
Director of Prek/Elementary
Ms. Carrie Little, Chatham
Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Marty Trotter, Randolph
Career Technical Education
Mrs. JoAllen Lowder, Ashe
Director of Federal Programs
Dr. Patsy Squires, WSFCS