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EVAAS - Educator Effectiveness Model


Within the EVAAS system, Help resources are available to guide users through interpreting and applying the reporting on each page, as well as provide instant answers to many frequently asked questions. When viewing an EVAAS report, users can access the Help resources for that report by clicking on the Help button on the top right corner of the screen. Depending on the report being viewed, users will have up to two opportunities to learn more: “About this Page”; which provides a text explanation specific to the report being viewed, and/or “Learning Module”; which enables the user to select and view a short video specific to the report on the page. To access these resources, login to the EVAAS system at: https://ncdpi.sas.com/

In the Home Base Professional Development System

Use the "Professional Development" tab inside NCEES to register. This mini-module should take less than 5 hours to complete.

EVAAS Basics

This mini-module explains the EVAAS growth model of evaluating teachers, including the differences between growth and proficiency, how projections and predictions are calculated and used, and how statistical concepts like normal curve equivalents and standard error contribute to making Standard 6 a fair assessment of teacher growth. [Note: Standard VI no longer exists as a "standard" but data is still available as a growth measure.]

0.2 CEU