2017 CCSA

School Improvement: Designing a Professional Development Plan

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Anticipation & Note-Taking Guide

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Activity 1 - Discussion Candy
  • Choose one M&M
  • Keep it, don’t eat it yet
  • Read the article (aloud, in pairs, etc.)
  • Wait for Next Steps
  • Article Link

Discussion Prompts
  • Red Candy - Discuss the grading policy culture in your building
  • Blue Candy - Culture around displaying data
  • Brown Candy - What won’t you change?
  • Yellow Candy - Discuss the role of leadership in changing culture
  • Orange Candy - Discuss Culture Tools vs. Power Tools
  • Green Candy - Believing every job matters

Activity 2 - PD Planning With the Professional Learning Standards

Activity 3 - Learning Stations Directions
  • Each table member identify a resource to review
  • Review resources and share in Table Discussion
  • Recommend one resource to share with the Group
  • Place recommendation on Dotstorming Link


A. Coaching/Job-embedded
Job-Embedded Professional Development: What It Is, Who Is Responsible, and How to Get It Done Well
The Art of Coaching
Beyond: Job Embedded Ensuring That Good Professional Development Gets Results
Making Teacher Videos the Core of Teacher Learning

What are PLCs, PLNs, & PLEs
Modern Professional Learning: Connecting PLCs With PLNs
ISTE Professional Learning Networks
What is a PLN?

C. Student Data and Artifacts
NCDPI Data Resource Guide
Strategy 5: Provide high-quality data that link student achievement to school and classroom practices, and assist schools to use data effectively - The Three Essentials: Improving Schools
Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making

D. Differentiated PD
Planning for Differentiated Professional Development
Green Valley Elementary Professional Development Plan
Beyond :Job Embedded Ensuring That Good Professional Development Gets Results
ASCD Book Resource

E. Digital Teaching Use and PD
Professional development preps K-12 teachers for digital learning
Creating a 21st Century Classroom
Teacher PD for the Digital Classroom: 6 Bold Ideas to Empower Educators

Activity 4 - Case Study of Effective PD
  • Read the Case Study of an example of an effective Professional Development opportunity.
  • Link to Case Study
  • Use sticky notes to write examples from the case study that exemplify it to be effective professional development (one idea/sticky note)
  • Share your thoughts with your table.
  • NCStar Professional Capacity Domain Indicators

Activity 5 - Brain Dump
Review the information for your table. Complete the double-sided journal as a ‘Brain Dump’ to share your thoughts.

Activity 6 - Chat Circles
  • Find a Trio
  • High five, elbow bump, fist pump
  • Share with your circle partners

Activity 7 - Play a game - Facilitator Link
  • Get out your phone or tablet
  • Go to Kahoot.it
  • Type in the pin shown on screen
  • Give yourself an alias
  • Play game and enjoy


The digital resources included on this wiki have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive digital resources for the purposes outlined on this wiki.‍‍